• Can you make a custom car for my server?
    • Yes, I'll keep you posted on Discord when they open/close so you know when to place an order
  • Can you make liveries for my server?
    • Yes, at an additional $5 per car
  • Can you make custom handling files for my server?
    • No, I find it too time consuming and the handling file can vary based on pre-existing scripts in your server. I can however point you to the right place to learn where to edit handling files here.


  • Any purchases or downloads, free or paid, must remain in your possession only and cannot be redistributed on to any other website or user.
  • When you purchase or download a file, you are not allowed to sell it on elsewhere as your own work or on my behalf.
  • I do not take any responsibility for if the cars 'break' your server, as they are thoroughly tested before being released in a stable testing environment, please look at your current assets and see if there are any conflicting files.
  • If you are found to be a part of the asset leaking community, you will be removed accordingly from my store and Discord

Other Bits and Tips

  • Don't split the YTD texture files into seperate YTDs as this can break my cars. This will break the 2021 Explorer. If you want to further optimize your YTD for FiveM, export the images from the YTD into a png format, resize them by 50% using a program called XnResize and then put them back into the YTD. This can break textures, so only do this on the largest files.
  • Less resources, the better - consider merging files into one resource where possible. An example of this can be found in any of my packs where multiple cars can be downloaded at the same time.
  • Make sure you have OpenIV installed so you can update and change the livery and access the YTD texture file.